Potential Reactions

Potential Reactions is a leading electrochemical engineering consultancy with experience in a wide range of battery technologies, particularly flow batteries. Customers come to us for support when they are developing new chemistries and want to understand the challenges of scale-up and real operation.

Based in the UK with an international customer base, Potential Reactions has experience of developing and advising on a wide range of battery technologies. We provide our customers with a unique insight into: cell & battery development, operations & maintenance and battery & system design. Our experience covers cells and batteries from mW to MW scale.

Potential Reactions is a UK battery-based energy storage engineering business, based on decades of flow battery chemistry, engineering and operational experience.

Using our knowledge and highly flexible flow battery cell and stack platform, WE can help you de-risk the scale-up of new battery chemistries. Our bipolar frames can accommodate a wide range of electrode materials, and the compartment design allows for solution-phase or hybrid chemistries.

  • Flow battery chemistry development.
  • Flow battery design, development and delivery.
  • Cell, stack and system design build and supply.
  • Utilising our highly flexible platform to gain early and rapid insights into scale-up.
  • Battery electrode/electrochemistry.
  • R&D.
  • Independent battery testing.